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Chick Wars v1.51 [MOD Infinite Gold/VIP]

 Name: Chick Wars
 Version: 1.51
 Root: No/Yes
 Size: 89MB
 Category: Update

Features Mods v1 (Unsigned):
1. Draw all-league cards
- You can Draw locked league cards at any stage

2. Battle Speed 4x
- battle speed increased from 2x to 4x

3. Evolve Cost reduced by -40%
- 30% less cards will be sacrificed on evolve

4. Unlimited Currency 
- Not recommended
- All currencies are unlimited

5. Rewards Multiplier
- All Rewards are multiplied by the given value

6. VIP 1-20
play at level VIP (1-20),

7. Damage and Health multiplier 
- not recommended
- multiply damage by the given value

8Auto Fight - Passive
- Autofight is enabled

9. PVP chests can start opening them all 

- Passive
- start opening all pvp chests cooldown

Features Mods v2 (Unsigned):
1. Evolve cost -20%
2. Auto Fight
3. battle speed 2x and 4x
4. can start PVP chests
5. pvp chests time reduction (a little bit)
6. 9 pit shuffles

Features Mods v3 (Unsigned):
1. Evolve cost -20%
2. Auto Fight
3. battle speed 2x and 4x
4. can start pvp chests
5. Increased Rewards (Gold, Gems, Guild contribution)
+20 gems (nutaku) and +10 gems (non nutaku) on every time you collect gems
+1000 Gold, whenever you collect gold, it will be doubled
2x guild contribution, you will get double amount of contribution every time


Features Mods v4:
1. Infinite Gold
2. Infinite Gems
3. Free All PVP chests
4. Auto Fight
5. VIP
6. Weak Enemy
7. God Mode

Features Mods v5:
1. You Can Open The Summon Packs Or Whatever Its Called At The Shop For FREE Always (Mistresses and Foxies always free)
2. Ban And Cheat Checks Removed

Note :
To avoid getting banned automatically.
1. This mode has very fewer chances to get banned because I used very minimal features. But if you abuse the gems, a lot of wins with a low power army, too much summons in a day.
2. Never summon 10x demigod more than 2 times in a day.

To avoid getting banned manually.
1. Collect less than 100 gems per 2 days.
2. Use 2x rewards sometimes

Follow these steps to play safely
1. Don't collect too many gems from the mine. else you will get banned, keep it to 2000 - 4000 per day
2. First, activate VIP and then activate the gems mine hack
3. don't use God of war draw
4. don't collect gems from mine by activating 2x, 4x resources

Help me reach 3k Subscribers on Youtube: Youtube

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: androidmodapk

Playstore Link: Download Link