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ShellFire - MOBA FPS v1.16 [MOD Through Wall]

ShellFire - MOBA FPS is a first person MOBA, Overwatch or Team Fortress 2 style, that challenges two teams of five players to face each other in order to reach certain objectives. In some settings you’ll have to conquer an area, and in others you’ll simply have to get rid of more enemies than your rivals. 

In ShellFire - MOBA FPS you can customize the control mode to fit your preferences. By default, you’ll have the movement stick to the left side and weapon aim to the right, but you can move all the buttons, set the automatic shoot, deactivate all the aim resources, etc. 

As usual in this genre, from the get-go you’ll get to control several types of characters that belong to different classes. That way, you can specialize on healers, tanks, damage dealers, etc. And of course, once you’ve found your favorite character, you can unlock its additional skins. 

ShellFire - MOBA FPS is an excellent combination of FPS and MOBA that offers you a very similar game experience to Overwatch, but it’s perfectly adapted to Android smartphones. The game also includes outstanding visuals

Name: ShellFire - MOBA FPS
Version: 1.16
Root: No

Features Mods:
- Through Wall

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: bachphilips

Playstore Link: Google Playstore