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Minecraft v1.12.0.2 [MOD]


As a game player, you’ve probably heard the name Minecraft somewhere right? Yes, Minecraft: Pocket Editor (MCPE) is a famous game, used by more than 10 million users around the world. Although it has been released for more than 6 years, the hotness of this game has not shown signs of decline, and even the one who built movies and music from the inspiration of this game. What made Minecraft so great? Is it about the gameplay that is full of creativity? Let’s find out.

Minecraft is an open world game, allowing you to role-play into a character and discover, build yourself a separate world. This game has four modes to choose from: Creative, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure. In Creative mode, you will be releasing your imagination to build anything. But first, you need to search and collect raw materials from the surrounding environment such as stone, wood, meat,… All these materials are provided endlessly, so you do not need to worry about limited work. After you have the source of material, this is the time to show your design talent as an architect. Build up individual buildings, structures, and artworks with your imagination. The game supports you to create ancient European-style buildings; you can set up a castle, a large palace or a Big Ben clock tower,…

Name: Minecraft
Root: No

Features Mods:
1. Unlocked premium skins
2. Unlocked premium textures
3. No damage mod
4. Unlimited breath
5. Max Inventory Size
6. 1 hit kill with weapons
7. Max score
8. Indestructible Tools

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

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