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Storm Arena Beta


Storm Arena – In addition to investing in hot, hot games, taking care of light entertainment products is something that NetEase is aiming for. It’s easy to see what kind of genre is going to go through the NetEase hand, and it certainly makes the story interesting. The primary evidence is that the game just released recently – Storm Arena. Light, easy-to-play, the Storm Arena is designed to target the most demanding user segments. Experimenting with the title, players will be immersed in the space of the tank three-dimensional smooth and attractive.

NetEase has just announced the beta launch of Storm Arena, its upcoming 3v3 MOBA game for the Android and iOS platform. The game is open to Android players in Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, and available on iOS only for Canada.
As with other similar games, there are two factions for you to choose from.  You can either lend your power to the villains led by Dr. William who seek to exploit natural resources for profit, or assist Dashley the Duck and his marine friends who are trying to protect the environment. Having been in development since 2015, Storm Arena is a highly competitive MOBA title for those on the go.

Storm Arena is actually a MOBA shooting game. In the world of Storm, players will be able to control any tank. There are many different tank models to choose from, each with its own shape and features. The player’s task is to shoot down enemy tanks and collect coins from them. Storm Arena support for multiplayer matches, players will battle for two teams. Each team will have a maximum of 4 players, for a limited time, the team that survives or gains the most gold will win. Because fighting a lot of people, a good strategy or coordination will help your team win. Using the primary tank, depending on your location near, far to launch a reasonable way will help you optimize the attack.

Name: Storm Arena
Version: Beta
Root: No

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

Playstore Link: Google Playstore