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C.u.n.t Wars v1.57 HOLLIGAPPS [MOD Money/Vip]

Game Desctiption:
**C.u.n.t Wars MOD is an Android strategy adult RPG game, which allows you to summon powerful girls to fight evil who are trying to invade the kingdom, there are many heroes in the game and all all have different abilities and skills. .

Create the best deck of cards and unleash their power on the battlefield. All heroes in the game can be upgraded, you can earn them from opening free packs from shops or from chests that can be earned from battles.

You will unlock different levels and features when you reach a certain level in the game, there are different types of heroes that you will unlock and get them to fight for you. You can upgrade them all because they are upgradable, thus making them more powerful. You will start with a boring long tutorial that will show you the basics of the game, like the party can be on Android if you just play that game.

 Name: C.u.n.t Wars
 Version: 1.57
 Root: No/Yes
 Size: 86.05 Mb
 Category: Update
 Playstore Link:Google Playstore

Features Mods v1 (Unsigned):
1. Draw all-league cards
- You can Draw locked league cards at any stage

2. Battle Speed 4x
- battle speed increased from 2x to 4x

3. Evolve Cost reduced by -40%
- 30% less cards will be sacrificed on evolve

4. Unlimited Currency 
- Not recommended
- All currencies are unlimited

5. Rewards Multiplier
- All Rewards are multiplied by the given value

6. VIP 1-20
play at level VIP (1-20),

7. Damage and Health multiplier 
- not recommended
- multiply damage by the given value

8. Gems Mine hack 

- Passive
- the default value is 10 gems: the next gems are multiplies by the VIP Level(if your VIP level is 10, you will get 100 gems per click)

9. Auto Fight - Passive
- Autofight is enabled

10. PVP chests can start opening them all 

- Passive
- start opening all pvp chests cooldown

Features Mods v2 (Unsigned):
1. VIP 3
2. Evolve cost -20%
3. Auto Fight
4. battle speed 2x and 4x
5. can start pvp chests
6. Increased Rewards (Gold, Gems, Guild contribution)
+20 gems on every time you collect gems
2x Gold, whenever you collect gold, it will be doubled
2x guild contribution, you will get double amount of contribution every time

Features Mods v3 (Unsigned):
1. VIP 3
2. Evolve Cost -20%
3. Auto Fight
4. Battle Speed 2x and 4x
5. Can Start Pvp Chests

Features Mods v4 (Unsigned):
1. Draw all-league cards (You can Draw locked league cards at any stage)
2. Free All PVP chests
3. Weak Enemy
4. Gems Mine mod - don't abuse (Gems mine will always be ready to collect gems, +50 gems on each click)
5. Instant Journey win (
the instant win is unlocked in the journey)
6. Low card level-up cost (gold consumption for card level-up is decreased by x4)
7. Easy Pit boss win - don't kill the last boss (when the pit battle ends, the pit boss will have only 10 hp left.)
8. Rewards Multiplier (Gems, Gold, Guild coins, event eggs, friends coins are multiplied by the given value max x3)
9. VIP 1-4 (play at level VIP (1-4), now you will get VIP 1,4 medal)
10. Damage and Health multiplier (multiply damage by the given value max x3)
11. Evolve Cost Reduction (evolve cost reduction up to 60%)
Credits: androidmodapk

Features Mods v5(Menu-signed):
Features v1
Features v2
Features v3

Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: Yuko

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1. Use nox emulator with android 4.4.2, then it will run smoothly