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Devilish Charms: Romance You Choose v1.0.1 [MOD Free ruby choices]

Devilish Charms 

A dark cult, a mysterious charm, and a struggle for power between humans and devils...

St. Bernadette’s School for Orphans has been your home as long as you can remember. You have no memories before being brought to the orphanage at 8 years old, but you have made a life for yourself and are ready to go out into the real world. Leaving the orphanage and your only friends behind, you go to start a new life in the city. However, your excitement is short-lived when you are suddenly kidnapped on your way home by a group of hooded men. 

You awaken in a chamber with your kidnappers who use you to summon… a handsome man? Escaping from the chamber, the two of you end up in a luxurious mansion which the man calls his own. Two other men wait there for you and they all reveal themselves to be devils?! They deem the outside world unsafe for you and demand that you live in the mansion until further notice. What does all of this mean? Will you ever get to go home? Who exactly are these devils and what do they want with you?

 Name: Devilish Charms: Romance You Choose
 Version: 1.0.1
 Root: No
 Size: 89MB
 Category: Simulation

Features Mods:
1. Free premium Choices

1. Note - this is arm64-v8a version, may only work on some devices
2. Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: jerycho007

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Spoiler: OLDER VERSIONS ✔ Devilish Charms: Romance You Choose v1.0.0: DOWNLOAD