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MU ORIGIN Private-Servers v7.0 [MOD]


A classic game, shining once again on mobile. Based on the original Mu Online, that most MMORPG players already know, Mu Origin is successful port to mobile devices. The mobile game sticks to the original 3D design with some visible improvements, yet still manages to capture that original feeling of raw power. It's action packed, has a great quest line, has countless ways to progress, has wings and has a ton of events and, well, it's just fun to play

Name: MU ORIGIN Private-Servers
Version: 7.0
Root: No

Features Mods:
1. Over 1.000.000 FREE DIAMONDS everyday
2. Mount System
3. New Rebirth System
4. New fashion system (mount, weapon, footstep skins)
5. New game User Interface
6. Increased Level experience and Items Drops
7. New free titles
8. New Goddess feature

Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

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