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Pocket Knights 2 v1.6.6 [MOD God Mode]

"The most anticipated 2nd Anniversary is coming with the new improved version! The latest update provides abundant anniversary events and exciting gaming experience updates! Season 5 Content is unlocked, tons of awesome outfits and unique titles are waiting for you. Challenge the Hero Gate with your team, Red heroes and their shards will never let you down! Heroes level cap increased, fight against new enemies in the remarkable new chapters. Pocket Knights 2 invites you to join this carnival! Chase your dream with the strongest teammates, lead the way with your passion and sou

Pocket Knights 2 belongs to a slash-and-slash mobile game genre that incorporates a familiar general card formation system developed and by Pitaya Network - China and the MNGO Company have launched worldwide in a free form. charge on Android and IOS operating systems. So far the game has existed and developed for nearly 1 year with a total of servers up to nearly 150 servers attracting huge numbers of players from 12 countries.

If the first version of Pocket Knights is designed in the style of simple 2D graphics with regular card strategy, Pocket Knights 2 is a perfect improvement over lovely 3D graphics. together with the action style intertwined with a series of mechanisms for character development, fostering the team and many other activities of copy, manipulation, training and other diverse battlefields

It can be seen that Pocket Knights 2 mobile game incorporates the role of role-playing action and the style of building familiar generals with more than 100 heroes from different civilizations and divided into 3 ethnic groups - God - Demons are similar to each other. Of course each character will own the set of skills and separate roles in combat such as Support, Gunner, Sorcerer, Assassin and you can fully actively use the ability of each champion when fighting fight.

Known in this game from level 10 to 45 players will have 4 more assistants accompanying the original character (Male - Female). It is worth noting that with the main character you will be flexible to change back and forth between 2 career directions including Gladiators (using Sword weapons) or Gunners (using Guns) to match the battle of the whole team. .

Name: Pocket Knights 2
Version: 1.6.6
Root: No

Features Mods v1:
1. Ghost Mode
2. Extreme Damage
3. No Skill Cooldown
4. Signature Bypass
Info: With MOD v1 the Autoplay Mode do not work and you only can play with main character.

Features Mods v2:
1. No Skill Cooldown
2. Signature Bypass

Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely
Install Steps:
1.Remove playstore version
2.Install mod APK
3.Copy OBB Files to SDCARD/Android/Obb/
4.Play the game
Credits: G-Bo ッ

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