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Oblivious v4.1 [MOD High Skill DMG/UPDATE 3Ver]

This is the land of Makai, a place full of angels.
You are born to this world with a remarkably weak body, but with amazing magical talent.
In order to prove your worth in this world, you have conjured a powerful spell and summoned a girl called Norn.
As you finished this summon, you were attacked by mysterious creatures and following your new companion's advice, you summoned a hero by the name Richard I.
With the amazing swordsmanship of Richard I you survived the attack and started your journey through the world of Makai.

Defeat angels to collect intimacy items. Gift them to heroes to unlock albums. 

 Name: Oblivious
 Version: 4.1
 Root: No
 Size: 48.5 Mb
 Category: Update

Features Mods v1:
1. God Mode
2. Attack Mod

Features Mods v2:
1. God Mode
2. Attack x 100
3. Always 3 star

Features Mods v3:
1. Ultimate Active After Attack
2. One Hit Kill

Note :   
1. As long the Dmg mod is on, there come no dmg for enemy and player. Activate skill cast and get ultimate. Every char that has ultimate on has the 1 hitkill effect. If u use ultimate the effect gone. The Enemy have no ultimate and can´t damage U. except Char enemy, but when the fight begin there can´t dmg u, he has no ultimate on
2. High banchance in guild and other ppl Report you. It also meen, don't lvl Up to fast.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: DESLOKAT / Black Hole

Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely
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✔ Oblivious v3.1 MODv3: DOWNLOAD
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