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Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival : Free games v2.0.05 [MOD]

Under the supervision of a biologist, the scientists are working on a very a very high profile formula. It could be a breakthrough of centuries. The virus can cure any deadly disease.
The lab is in a much secured underground facility. Scientists are running tests on different animal subjects in zombie games. But one day, something went wrong, the virus known as zombie virus has shown unwanted characteristics in the animal subjects. Suddenly the subjects started attacking other animals and facility members because of zombie virus. Now it led to only those who survive in this zombie shooting games. 

The bottom line is, the effected subjects who become deadly zombies have transferred the virus into others as they come in contact with them. They all show a similar behavior of increased immune system and hunger in zombie shooting games. In nut shell, they become monsters and science named them zombies for their death free games.

Name: Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival : Free games
Version: 2.0.05
Root: No

Features Mods:
1. God Mode

Don't be an idiot and use the mod wisely

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy
Credits: GNaFF

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NOTES:When you have trouble logging in when entering the game, please delete the facebook application or force to stop the facebook application. Then you log in to the game successfully with facebook

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