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VMOS v1.0.49 MOD Pre-rooted ROM

VMOS-Virtual Android on Android
Virtual Android on Android | Independent System | Geeks Favorite
Two Accounts Online
Running two social accounts;Dealing with life and work in one device...
Open virtual phone and real phone at the same time on the same screen.
VMOS comes with ROOT environment
Various ROOT games supportable. Mobile phone enthusiasts must.
Floating window displays above other apps with free drag and free zoom.
APP Background Running
No influence to front desk operation,totally independent system.Never disconnect background running in virtualy system, never disconnect.
Customizable Resolution
Define your own height,width and DPI,and record the resolution you set before.

 Name: VMOS
 Version: 1.0.49
 Root: No
 Size: 89MB
 Category: Android App
 Playstore Link:Google Playstore

Features Mods:
1. Bypass VMOS Unlocker requirement
2. Instant root after ads load fail
VMOS is a VM and it would need more power to run thank you think. Phone Hardware Specs like Sony Z3 Conpact won't run well, it's laggy. So 64-bit phone might be recommended for better performance
1. Storage: 32 GB storage (VM images will use lots of storage)
2. RAM: 2 GB
3. CPU: 8 core/Octa-core, 2 GHz, 64-bit (unofficial requirements)
4. OS: Android 5.1 and above

Text tutorial: Download APK from VMOS Virtual Machine With Root Android - Double System: DOWNLOAD and install it VMOS is a system can install Apps, we are asking specific permissions to make sure users can use apps that need those specific permissions. (Android 5.1 ask all permissions before you download apps)

1. Floating window permission: For better playing the virtual machine on the real machine interface.
2. Storage permissions: Because the data in the virtual machine is empty, considering that you need to transfer the local file. This permission will only be used for the file transfer station.
3. Recording permission: This permission will only be used when you use voice transmission or call.
4. Camera Permissions: This permission will only be used when you use the camera, such as scanning QR code, taking photos, and video calling.
5. Device information: Because the device information of VMOS is originally empty, you need to obtain the device information of the real machine to make the device information of the virtual machine the same. There is sensitive information in these data, but we do not upload and collect data.
6. Telephone rights: The device information such as IMEI of some mobile phones is permission.

Install Steps:
1. Remove playstore version
2. Install mod APK
3. Enjoy

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NOTES:When you have trouble logging in when entering the game, please delete the facebook application or force to stop the facebook application. Then you log in to the game successfully with facebook