Download SAKURA School Simulator MOD

Game Desctiption:
**The school is a place to gain knowledge and become useful people for society. But SAKURA School Simulator is an entirely different school, offering fun and unprecedented fun experiences in history.

When you enter the school gate, you will have to determine whether you are a good student or a bad student. Then let me enjoy this game your way. If you are a good student, it is merely daily to school and studies hard. After stressful study hours, try to make friends, and do the normal things that high school students often do. You can find yourself a lover and enjoy the fun days. Children try to climb up the top ranking of the best students as quickly as possible. Enjoy the normal student life!!!

If any of you have determined that you will be a bad student, there will be lots of fun to do. You can go to the YAKUZA’s office and borrow some weapons there. Your tense lessons will end with the fun you create thanks to the tools you borrow.

Don’t worry so much when I mention weapons in this game. “SAKURA School Simulator” has no description of gore or death. So it was absolutely a peaceful night, with no excessive violence. When you use the power of weapons or attack your classmates with your bare hands, they will also be stunned. Each character bitten by a dog will have to go home to sleep and take some time to recover and return to school. Surely they will hate you very much because of the time you play, and they must lie at home.

**Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.